What is the right age to introduce your child to skiing lessons?

04 Jun 2019

If you are an avid skier, then naturally, you will want to enjoy your favourite hobby with your family.

But what is the right age to introduce the sport to your little ones? Some places will take children on for skiing lessons when they are as young as 3. Our children’s lessons start at ages 4-5. Let us take you through the reasons why. Children obviously have lower attention spans than adults. This trait can make it difficult when trying to teach them something new. A child’s attention span will be drastically different at age 4 or 5 than it would have been at age 3. For this reason we would recommended holding off for a year or two! For a full-grown adult, skiing can be demanding enough, let alone a young child. You want your child to be able to enjoy their time, whether it be taking skiing lessons or a fun family holiday, so ensure that they are able to withstand the physical demand. At around age 4, most children possess the correct physical and motor skills required to learn to ski. However, you know your own child more than anyone and can assess whether you believe that they are ready. You would also need to take into account that it can be frustrating learning to do something new. This is especially for children who may find it distressing to see something else pick up a skill before they do. If this is the case with your child, it may be worth sitting down and assessing how much they want to learn. If they have a genuine passion to learn, then perfect! We believe that there is no right or wrong age, and that it is completely at the parent’s discretion to choose when they think it’s right to introduce skiing to their little ones.





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