Visit stunning Chamonix

03 Oct 2019

Chamonix is a popular ski resort, but it’s also more than that.

With views of Mont Blanc from every angle in the town there’s no wonder this became the certified-sublime home of writers’ retreats for the Romantic poets and novelists, and the Winter Olympics’ very first destination. It’s got a grand tourist centre made even better with great local transportation access. The closest airport is Switzerland’s Geneva – and welcoming amenities.

But, ski-wise, what does Chamonix have to offer?

Versatile fun!

The slopes here are always snowy, and the resort is large enough to cover different terrains. This means that whether you want to ski or snowboard, if you’re young or old, brand new or well seasoned, the resort is able to provide. The lessons do the same, and can also cater for your group of friends just wanting to go up (and safely down, of course) in the way we can only imagine Byron’s ski instructors did when he brought the Shelleys along to write Frankenstein! Or if you feel like you need that personal touch to get maximum enjoyment, lessons are offered privately, too.

Amazing sights and history

We might be overselling the poetry. It’s hard not to when just gliding down these slopes inspires us to be the next great Wordsworth. Endless snow-capped mountain views are only rivalled by the classical French architecture that makes the town feel like you’re walking through history.  The ski lessons already start on the mountain, giving you breath-taking views from over a kilometre high. This rises to nearly four from the top run, and may be the second-best place to get the true immersive experience of this grand environment. Second best after the 15,000 acres of off-piste areas the more advanced lesson groups get to explore, letting you seek out as-yet undiscovered views through the trees.

Quiet independence

If you want those new views, or the peace to breathe in the cool snowy air, but aren’t yet experienced enough to get this on untempered runs, there are some more private pistes! Special lesson offers let groups experience a quieter run set apart from the main slopes (for, remarkably, a lower price). Or you can just get a small group together. Regular group lessons are safely capped anyway, giving you the space to go at your own pace or try out new skills. The instructors are great at keeping you comfortable and catering to your needs as well as what you would like to give a go!

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