Tips for Nervous Skiers

16 Aug 2015

Whether it’s your first time on the slopes or you’ve skied before, battling nerves can be a common problem for anyone embarking on a skiing holiday.

Follow these simple tips to ensure insecurities don’t scupper the enjoyment of your skiing experience.

Go at your own pace

Nerves often become an issue for skiers when they start comparing themselves to others, or feel the need to keep up with the pace. You’ll feel far more comfortable and confident if you ski at your own pace, even if this means skiing on your own. Avoid comparing yourself to other skiers – it’s about the experience and enjoyment, not about how skilled or fast you are.

Seek the best ski instructors

Even if you have been skiing several times before, the mounting nerves that you feel before you hit the slopes could be due to lack of technique or confidence. This can often be remedied with the help of a professional and sympathetic ski instructor. A few simple lessons with the best ski instructors could give you the skills you need to conquer those troublesome nerves.


The location you choose can make a difference to how nervous you feel, so choose a resort with which you feel comfortable and which suits your level of skiing experience. France is a good choice as there are plenty of slopes and resorts to suit every level of skier. Ski instructors in France are also used to dealing with nervous skiers, so you will probably find you aren’t the only person who feels anxious about hitting the slopes, which can make you feel less isolated.

Unravel the fear

Try to ask yourself what it is that you feel afraid of when skiing. Once you have identified those aspects that worry you, tackle ways to overcome them. You could do this on your own, or by working with your instructor to find techniques that make you think differently about these fear triggers. Ski instructors in France and in other locations can advise on techniques to change the way you think and to gradually expose yourself to the fear elements. This can help to banish negative thought patterns and build up your confidence, so you actually start to relax and enjoy yourself.


One of the reasons you may experience anxiety before skiing is because you worry about not being in control. You can feel more in control by ensuring that your equipment is comfortable and that it fits properly.

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