Things To Do in Saint Martin de Belleville

03 Sep 2020

Things To Do in Saint Martin de Belleville

Are you planning to hike or ski in the French Alps this season? The Three Valleys area in the southeast of the country is a popular destination, which includes the large resorts of Courchevel and Meribel. But if you are looking to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more authentic experience, then why not base yourself in charming Saint Martin de Belleville? The village and the surrounding area offers a dizzying array of activities that will tempt every member of your group!

If you are looking for charm, Saint Martin de Belleville has it in spades! Its traditional stone-and-wood farmhouses peek out of the lush Alpine hillside, with rustic cobbled streets winding their way amongst the buildings. You can enjoy a quiet afternoon meandering through the village with a guided tour, taking in the unique architecture and learning about the area’s rich history which goes back to Roman times. Alternatively, you can visit the local museum, which traces the history of the valley from its traditional mountain farming roots to the rise of its modern ski resorts.

When it comes to mouth-watering food, Saint Martin de Belleville delivers. This quiet village has the cachet of being home to a 3 Michelin star restaurant – La Bouitte. While by no means cheap, it is definitely worth the experience not only for the food, but for the atmosphere as well. If you are looking for more budget friendly options, however, the village has numerous restaurants and bars offering traditional cuisine, as well as family favourites including pizza, burgers, and kebabs. In addition, during the summer season, you can explore the many local dairy farms that still milk their cows and goats by hand, and sample some artisanal produce.

For a small village, Saint Martin de Belleville offers an impressive number of cultural activities. From arts and crafts workshops teaching you how to craft your own mosaics, through to DIY workshops in woodcarving, cheese-making and plant foraging, as well as cookery courses, you are sure to find activities that appeal to all ages. In addition, the village hosts a number of concerts, exhibitions and other events throughout the year, so be sure to check out what’s on offer when you arrive.

Sports and Wellness
Whilst the village is best-known as a gateway to the great skiing in the Alps, there are many other activities to be enjoyed throughout the year. For example, the same slopes that play host to the pistes also offer trails with breathtaking views for hikers and mountain bikers. In addition, the valley boasts pristine Alpine lakes and numerous streams and rivers that offer swimming, fishing, and rafting.

More adventurous thrill seekers will be pleased to learn that this tranquil valley also provides opportunities for catching a birds-eye view of the valley as you whizz down a zip line, as well as the chance to test your balance at the treetop adventure park. However, if you are after something more relaxing, then head to La Bouitte’s mountain spa. This sensuous retreat has a heated indoor pool, jacuzzi, hammam and a Bain-Marie featuring local milk and honey, as well as treatment rooms offering massages and bespoke treatments to help you unwind after a busy day of skiing or exploring.

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