Snowboard levels

The Snow School team have detailed each level in order for you to choose the correct ski level. 

All of our lessons are taught in English. If you still need to find other level charts for the rest of your group you may want to check out our Children’s ski levels or Adult ski levels.

Level 0

You have never been on a snowboard before, but may have watched people taking part. The Snow School will guide you through your first steps on snow. Introducing you to your equipment, how to put it on properly, how to move around on flat terrain.

Level 1

You may have had snowboard lessons on artificial snow slopes in the UK, or have been on a winter holiday before but only spent a limited amount of time on snow. You can turn heelside to toeside and toeside to heelside on easy terrain such as a green run.

Level 2

On green runs you can link turns and have consistent speed from one turn to the next. You have trouble controlling your speed on blue runs, however you can turn your board.

Level 3

You can ride on red runs and have a good speed on easy runs. You are able to make basic switch turns on easier slopes.

Level 4

I snowboard on all marked runs, on easier slopes you can carve & grip.  You may of done a bit of off piste and freestyle but would like to learn more.