Skiing with young children

03 Jun 2020

The thought of taking young children on a skiing trip can be daunting, but we are here to help put your mind at ease! Follow our helpful hints and tips to ensure that you and your little ones have an amazing time!

What age can I introduce my child to skiing? 

A child can wear skis from the age of three, as well as being able to start snowboarding at around two and a half. Some resorts offer private lessons for children from the age of two, we would recommend seeking professional training for your child when they are of this age as falling or not succeeding could be scary and off-putting for a child. 

Skiing with a child between your legs

This is something that we urge you NOT to do. We understand that you want to support your child however, this can be extremely dangerous. Not only are you preventing the child from learning to ski independently, but you risk falling on your child. This method can also be bad for you and your child’s posture and can encourage bad habits. 

Dress your child as you dress yourself

You should always dress your child according to the weather, as you would do yourself. Ensure that their clothing is warm, yet breathable as they can get hot while constantly moving around. The essentials are; a good set of gloves, goggles, and a neck warmer. We recommend avoiding all in one suits with younger children as it can make desperate trips to the loo challenging! 

Don’t panic about the ski lifts

The thought of using a ski lift with a small child can be terrifying, don’t worry. Most slopes are well equipped for children. Child-friendly lifts are available for very young children however, you can take your child on a regular lift with you, should you offer the correct assistance. 

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