Ski Lessons for Children in France

15 Feb 2016

A winter holiday is a great opportunity to introduce your children to all the benefits of skiing.

From encouraging fitness and supporting essential motor skill development to introducing the concepts of discipline and awareness, skiing does it all. It is also an excellent, non-competitive sport enjoyed in the great outdoors and one which provides social and relaxation opportunities. However, skiing is not an intuitive sport and for this reason, lessons are essential and for children this is especially true.

Safety First in the Mountains

The number one objective in all our children’s ski lessons, is safety. From learning how to control their speed and stop, to understanding the natural risks in the mountains and how to avoid accidents with other skiers, children must learn it all. However, teaching children to ski is a skill in its own right as children tend to be somewhat less risk adverse than adults.

Knowing Their Level

Our kids ski lessons are clearly defined by ability and run parallel to the ESI system. In getting the level right, we can ensure that no child is ever under or over challenged by the week’s skiing lessons. This is essential for maintaining interest and attention.

Lessons for Life

As anyone who has come late to skiing will tell you, the sight of a snake of confident eight year olds cruising down the run fills you with wonder. As kids pick up new skills so quickly, at this age, children’s ski lessons make so much sense. Furthermore, while skiing requires a certain level of fitness, the real attribute is muscle memory. Skiing skills learned in childhood will never be unlearned. That said, bad skiing habits learned early are just as difficult to change.

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