Do I Really Need Skiing Lessons?

24 May 2016

Whilst booking everything you need for your skiing holiday in Meribel, this is a perfectly valid question.

After accommodation, equipment, lift passes and insurance, the added cost of ski lessons can seem a negotiable extra. After all, you’re travelling with friends and family who have been dozens of times, done seasons, and have plenty of experience. They’re going to teach you everything you need to know. Or are they?

Time to Think Seriously About Skiing Lessons

We’re sure you’ve heard all the arguments about why you should take ski lessons before, but let’s quickly recap. Skiing can be an amazing, invigorating sport offering you the chance to take exercise and have fun in the middle of winter in the great outdoors. It can also be a painful and dangerous activity if performed incorrectly and without due caution. On the piste, a beginner skier can cause pain and serious injury to themselves and to others without the proper schooling and supervision. Skiing lessons are essential if you want to learn how to avoid injury, be safe and to develop the techniques required to improve your skiing on your own. People who take lessons learn faster and have more confidence than those who choose to go it alone.

Be Part of the Ski Crowd

If you’re travelling with friends or family, spending half the day away from them may seem counter-intuitive to the spirit of the holiday. However, the sooner you learn the basics, the sooner you can keep up. Learning to ski in a group is quicker and much more fun than being the lonely learner skidding along while friends wait at corners. Being in a ski school is also like wearing your L-Plates, other skiers see you well in advance and will give you a wide birth. Ski schools are highly respected in France and no one will ever dare to criticise a member of a ski school for drifting the wrong way on the piste. For a lone learner, it is quite a different matter.

Stay Friends with your Friends on Holiday

What about that generous friend who is going to teach you to ski? We’re sure their intentions were well meant, but are they really going to sacrifice their time and the cost of the holiday to ski stop-start with you all week? The reality is, they will soon lose interest and patience with your schooling and go off in search of the blacks and the terrain parks. So this year, why not make the sensible choice and book your ski lessons in advance.

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