Preparing for your next ski trip

21 Apr 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic people are not sure where they stand with their holidays.

These are very testing times for everyone. We see this as an opportunity for you to prepare for the holiday that you have been looking forward to, even if it has to be pushed back! 

Why not start your pre-trip prep by looking at the surrounding areas of where you had planned to stay, make a list of possible sights that you would like to see or excursions that you would like to book on your trip. It would also be a great idea to check out any local bars or restaurants, of course there will most likely be some within the complex that you are staying too if you didn’t want to venture too far!  

If you had not yet looked into obtaining some ski equipment whether you are renting or buying, now would be a great time to do some research. Check some reviews and see what would be most suited to you and your families. Watch some videos of skiing lessons or tours around your chosen resort, a little hint of what is to come! 

Why not take the time to create a mood board of what is to come on your trip? We know that it can be disappointed having your holiday postponed or cancelled, so why not get the family to gather their ideas or favourite images of the resort and present them in a mood board. That way you and your family can look at it and be excited for what is to come. It also helps with planning the trip, as you can all add your ideas of what you’d like to do when you are there. 

Stay safe everyone!

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