New or used equipment, what’s right for you?

21 Aug 2019

Thinking about what ski equipment is right for you? There are a few things to consider before taking the plunge!


Used equipment

If you decide to go for used equipment it is essential to make sure that you thoroughly check the equipment for any minor or major faults which may interfere with the quality and performance of the equipment. If renting used equipment you may also be asked to pay a deposit before leaving with the equipment, so it’s essential to check for any existing damage in the presence of the rental company before taking it to the slopes. Damage to the equipment may end up with you losing your deposit.

New equipment

If you have decided that buying brand new equipment is more suited to you, there are still a few points to consider. Before taking your shiny new equipment to your upcoming trip you need to ensure that it is comfortable to move in, finding out at home that your new ski boots rub and maybe require an extra pair of socks is much better than at the top of a slope! Don’t buy the first thing that you see, even if a friend has recommended it. Shop around and find equipment suited to you, what works for other people may not work for you.

Why is it important to find suitable equipment to suit your needs?

Finding the right equipment for you is vital, this can determine whether you’re comfortable and happy whilst skiing. Finding the best equipment can make skiing more enjoyable by keeping you warm enough and helping you to be comfortable.

Whether you go for new or used equipment, if you are BUYING rather than renting, please ensure that skiing is 100% for you as this could save you money in the long run!

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