Learning to ski as an adult

05 Jul 2019
customer learning to ski as an adult

Learning something new can be daunting, as adults we are expected to know everything right? But when your new skill can be dangerous if not done properly, its best to get some tips beforehand!

Get guidance on choosing equipment

One of the most important things you’ll find about skiing is that finding the perfect boots for you is vital. You will want to feel comfortable in what you will be wearing for hours at a time. But don’t feel pressured into buying brand new gear before you’ve even learnt the basics. Most ski resorts or shops will have rental equipment and most of the time clothing which may be a better option for someone just starting out. Be sure to try different gear and see what suits you best.

Getting lessons is not embarrassing

There are certain stereotypes about adults learning to do new things and taking up hobbies, please do not get caught up in these! If you feel fit and healthy enough to learn a new skill, then why not!? Lessons are your best bet, rather than learning off a friend or family member. People who you know may teach you bad traits that they have picked up or miss out vital safety information, better to leave it to the professionals!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

If you are to choose group lessons of your way of learning, please don’t feel afraid to ask questions, it’s what your instructors are there for! The more prepared you feel before stepping onto the slopes unaided the better! No matter how big or small your question, most likely your instructor will have heard it before or you could be helping someone else by asking too!

Learning to ski as an adult is easy with The Snow School. All our instructors are English speaking and very patient. If we have managed to persuade you into learning a new skill, check out our adult ski lessons today!

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