Learning to Ski in Meribel

16 Sep 2015

If you’re planning on learning to ski in Meribel, you couldn’t have chosen a finer resort.  Of course, booking your holiday is only part of the story. Next on your to do list should be choosing a local ski school with a good reputation.

We’re among the best of the established schools with a wide range of ski lesson packages available in Meribel itself. These include Private, Friends and Family, Adult Group and Kids lessons, all taught by qualified British ski instructors who love their jobs.

The availability of different packages varies throughout the ski season and all prices are inclusive of priority lift line queuing.

Private lessons start at £140 or £160 for 2 hours depending on whether you’re going during low or high season right up to £490 for a full day in high season. Other packages are available for 3 or 4 hour or full day lessons. Up to 3 people can share Private lesson making them good value for money.

Friends and Family lessons can be shared by a maximum of 8 people with all skiers needing to be of a similar ability. You can book either a 5 or 6 day package with 3 or 4 hours instruction per day. These lessons are available in low season only and the minimum age is 6.

Our kids & Adult Group lessons also run in low season. These include 3 hours of instruction over 5 or 6 days with prices starting from £375. We restrict the size of the groups to 4.

Kids’ lesson packages are also available in high season and include a minimum of 20-24 hours tuition over 5 or 6 days depending on the package.

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