Learning to Ski in Courchevel

15 Mar 2016

While Courchevel is only one of many famous destinations nestled within the Trois Vallees Ski Area, it is arguably the most desirable.

With some of the best skiing in Europe and an extensive and varied terrain, it certainly is a location of choice for skiing fanatics. But what sets it aside from some other French and Italian locations is probably Courchevel’s atmosphere of exclusivity.

Come to Ski, Stay to Mingle

Any visitor to Courchevel will notice the difference, the high-end shopping and the ladies walking down the street with little dogs under their arms instead of ski poles. It’s a billionaire’s winter playground, but contrary to what many think, it is also a great place in which to learn to ski by booking Courchevel ski lessons.

Although Courchevel attracts the rich and famous, there are plenty of accommodation options outside of Courchevel 1850 for those who want to take advantage of the location on a budget. The same is also true when booking with a Courchevel ski school. You don’t need to hire the latest Enfant Terrible to make you look good when a well-qualified, British instructor can do a better job.

Our Courchevel Ski School

This was our thinking when we started offering Courchevel ski lessons. So many holiday makers come out to the mountains each year to learn to ski or to improve their skiing and take one look at the costly and intimidating nature of the local schools and change their minds. This is such a shame because taking lessons is the best way to make sure that you enjoy your time in the snow. It’s also a great way to make new skiing friends.

So when considering where to head this year, don’t rule out the best. If you book the right accommodation and book the right ski school and you won’t go bust in Courchevel.

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