La Tania

21 Dec 2019

If you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path – a romantic getaway, family holiday, some time with just your friends – La Tania may be just for you.

And while smaller and less full of guests, there is no skimping on quality! The runs themselves look like a tailored boulevard: tree-lined and leading right down into the resort.

Nor can you expect any horror trope clichés; La Tania may be a little further down to the road, but this road leads to the large ski resort of Courchevel, as well as the ski village of Meribel, both of which also offer lessons from The Snow School. And while they all encompass great quaintness, La Tania is where the instructors themselves take some time off and go down the slopes just for themselves or to find new routes down – so whether you’re desperate for a lesson without crowds (we’ve all been there!) or to scope out a never-before-traced path through the mountains, a break at La Tania is perfect.

This is also why the resort of La Tania can be particularly great for snowboarding. If you haven’t taken it up and think it’s cooler than skiing, you’ve probably heard it’s a bit harder, too – one more reason to get a more private lesson is there are less bodies to bump into on your first free run! But if that one person in your gang has done it before, they’re not going to feel trapped on a beginner slope nor like they can’t spend the trip with you, with the slopes being smaller and still containing plenty twists along the edges.

Not that you’d be separated for long, with the fantastic Snow School instructors who build your confidence along with your skills and will be having you shredding (carefully!) in no time. Lessons at the resort also include those for kids and, a special here, private snowboarding sessions. If you want that VIP experience for up to four, you can get priority on the ski lifts and even video feedback – like a World Cup coach playing back the game to build you up to the best.

With one designated meeting point or even the option for pick-ups, the Snow School at La Tania really makes even accessing the great resort and lessons just so streamlined.

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