Children's ski levels

Picking the right level for your child is very important allowing your child to enjoy and develop there skills throughout the week.The Snow School team have detailed each level with great care in order to help parents choose the correct level.

The Snow School uses the Snowlife award system for our children’s groups. Click here for more information.

All of our lessons are taught in English, small groups and with helpers for the younger ones where possible.

If you still need to find other level charts for the rest of your group you may want to check out Adult Ski levels or Snowboarding levels.

Level 0

What can I do: As a Newbie this will be your first time on skis. We will have you sliding, turning, jumping, and skiing down green runs in no time. It’s not unusual for some groups to be skiing blue runs by the end of the week.

What we’ll learn:  We will help you become familiar with all the ski equipment. As soon as we have you snowplough turning we can then explore all the green runs. Concentrating on speed control by using different size turns making you a safer skier.

What will I achieve: If I can snowplough turn but have trouble controlling my speed I will achieve ‘Blue Star level 1’ but if I can snow plough turn while controlling my speed and take lifts then I will get ‘Blue Star level 2’.

Level 1

What I can do? You would have already skied a week before, can use drag lifts and covered the basics.

You may feel a bit rusty on your first day but you will be able to comfortably snow plough turn down greens runs.

What we’ll learn: A recap on the ski way code and build confidence on the mountain. Ski on all green runs with a strong & controlled snowplough. By the end of the week your snowplough will start disappearing, turning into a parallel turn, allowing you to control your speed on easy blue runs.

What will I achieve: If you can ski green runs in a plough you will achieve ‘Blue Star level 2′  but if you can start linking your turns and finish a turn with your skis becoming parallel the you will achieve ‘Blue Star level 3′.

Level 2

What I can do? You can happily zoom around the mountain on all blue runs with your skis becoming parallel from time to time.

What we’ll learn? As we go through the week we will do lots of different exercises and games that are aimed to help your skis become consistently parallel.

Hopefully by the end of the week we will be conquering parallel turns and maybe try a red.

What will I achieve: If you have a small wedge when you turn you will achieve ‘red star level 4′

But if my skis are consistently parallel then you will achieve ‘red star level 5’

Level 3

What I can do? You can already rip down blues with your skis parallel and even take on reds.

What we’ll learn?  Introduce pole plants into your turns, we will put your parallel turns to the test on red runs and look at what needs to be changed in order to make you a consistent parallel skier on tougher terrain.

What will I achieve: If my skis are consistently parallel then you will achieve ‘red star level 5’ but if I can ski parallel and pole plant then I will achieve a ‘red star level 6’.

Level 4

What I can do? You can ski down red runs and easy black runs with your skis in a parallel position, but find it hard sometimes controlling your speed and line.

What we’ll learn?  Well timed pole plants and different turn shapes and sizes so that your parallel turns become versatile for all slopes . You will ski varied terrain such as reds & black runs including bumps and jumps.

What will I achieve: If I can make S shaped turns and have a well timed pole plant then I will achieve a ‘red star level 6’. If I can keep skiing parallel no matter whether it’s steep, icy or bumpy I will achieve ‘black star level 7’.

Level 5

What I can do? You are an excellent parallel skier and can ski down any pistes open to the general public.

What we’ll learn? This level is aimed at making you a demon on all terrain there will be nothing the mountain can throw at us that we can’t cope with. We will teach you to change speed and direction with ease whilst tackle bumps, jumps, powder, steep runs & much more. By the end of the week there won’t be any parts of the mountain that we can’t cover.

What will I achieve: ‘Black Star 8 or 9′