Children’s Ski Lessons

16 Nov 2019

Fear for your little ones no more, with the Snow School’s lessons and levels structure, they will be in safe hands and having fun while learning to ski!

From those who toddle on the skis no matter their age to future Olympians, absolutely everyone is provided for.

Getting them on their feet and proud about it, kids lessons are doing their best work in smaller groups. With less peer pressure and ample time to learn and focus on getting the basics down, it’s clear why this format has been working. Fun is the measure of the lessons, taking snack-time to break it up for a little rest after being allowed to cut the line at the ski lift – extra excitement will see kids bouncing on the lift, with no whines of ‘booooorrred’ out of impatience!

Of course, it’s not only fun. The ski-way code is the bundled-down order of the mountain that the kids learn in practice, keeping them safe. And all instructors are certified first aiders, just in case they miss a turn; the consummate professionals, they have that niche skill of knowing how to wrangle kids while teaching them and bringing up smiles!

And not only do instructors build a great working environment, they also follow an internationally-recognised grading system to get the kids all measured up – they’ll know exactly what they’re working with and, if you ever decide to take ski lessons somewhere else (but why would you!) the ability level is transferable; no more starting from scratch each time you want to see a different patch of snow. It’s also great for the kids, as it comes with a reward badge at the end of the week, too!

One more advantage of the Snow School’s children’s lessons is the different packages. With some flexibility, you can choose a schedule that matches your stay, whether for the whole trip or for parts; you can even include off-days for sightseeing or to not overwhelm the kids. Getting children’s lessons into your holiday can have them learning as rigorously as you see fit, being much more compatible with building your own dream trip. The lesson lengths also differ, too, and there’s always a bit of time left on the slopes afterwards to spend time as a family skiing, boarding, or snowball fighting!

The lessons work for kids from as young as 4 all the way up to 14; providing for the little ones, it’s also a real safe option for school trips, too – if the teens have gone or are going, getting in the beginner lessons this way puts them in good stead to take on their own skiing with a grade that they, and other people wherever they go, can understand and build on!

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