Can You Have Too Much Snow?

24 Apr 2016

Avid skiers love to talk about how much snow is coming or has come.

They talk of ‘huge dumps’, ‘epic powder’ and might even slip into Australian to tell you it’s ‘puking’. It’s like listening to a fisherman’s tall tales. But as the stories get bigger and bigger, the question has to arise… Can you have too much snow?

Better Too Much Than Not Enough?

It’s a week or two before you go skiing in France and you just can’t help looking at the snow forecast. We want snow, and loads of it, but while you’re doing the snow-dance around your living room, it’s worth remembering, there is such a thing as too much snow. A typical hindrance is, too much snow too early in the season. Resorts want to have a good amount of early snow to build the base, but if it keeps snowing, the piste-bashers and snowcats won’t be able to batter it down.

Planning Your Skiing in France

Depending on your skiing level, you’ll probably be wishing for different things in terms of snow. For beginners and intermediates planning ski lessons in France, a good snowfall on Friday night to add to the compacted base, followed by some sunshine, is probably ideal. For those who want to go off piste, they’ll want 20cm all day Saturday followed by the same on Wednesday.

It also depends on the time of year. If you’ve got ski lessons in France planned for late April, the risk of thawing or bald spots will mean any amount is a good thing. And for piste-powder-lovers too, a big dump later in the season on an existing base can mean all sorts of fun.

But remember, too much snow and some French resorts will close lifts for safety reasons. What’s more big dumps cam play havoc with your transfer to the resort. So, be careful what you wish for.

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