5 Tips For beginners

08 May 2020

Have you ever declined going on a ski trip with friends or family through fear of the unknown?

Sometimes the overwhelming thought that you may embarrass yourself can get in the way, for that reason we have prepared five tips for absolute beginners.

  • Avoid going self-catering on your first trip

We know that booking a self-catering apartment may be the cheaper option, however it could also prove to be overwhelming as a beginner. A ski resort is a complex place, so hiring a catered chalet on a resort rather than going it alone will be the better way to learn the ropes. Going down this route leaves you with more amenities, as well as guides and resort managers to show you round.


  • Borrow equipment or rent

It may be tempting to buy shiny new equipment to keep up with trends or maybe even friends who have also purchased, however we would not recommend this. Due to it being your first time on the slopes you don’t know whether it will be for you. Enjoy your trip in some rented or borrowed equipment and THEN if you decide it’s something you would like to do again consider purchasing something new. You would hate for your used once skis to gather dust in the garage or loft…


  • Seek help from professionals

Your friends or family may offer to tutor you on your trip and show you what they know. Although the offer is great, it’s not something that we would recommend. Bad habits from people can be passed on in their teaching (hence the reason we have professional driving lessons!), someone may not realise but they could teach you things that could be potentially dangerous.


  • Take to the indoor slopes

If you could learn some very basic techniques at an indoor ski slope before your trip, you will find it much more enjoyable when the holiday comes! There are indoor slopes scattered across the UK, they are a great place to learn basic skills and build confidence before you take to the real slopes.


  • Enjoy yourself!

Learning a new skill can be daunting, but just remember there will also be other beginners out on the same slopes as you. Even if you do decide that the skiing aspect is not for you, enjoy your trip. Eat nice food, go to bars and enjoy the company you are with!

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